Today, the Captain called a parade, and addressed his new command. When he started there were the normal shuffling sounds and the odd cough here and there, but as the Captain continued, a quiet fell over the parade square. You could have heard a pin drop in the quiet between his words.

He told us how the war was going, and that we needed to fight differently or we’ll lose. He told us of his experiences against the Martians, and what he had heard about the Limey’s fight against them around the world. Seems that the Brits have got some good ideas, and the Captain wants to try them here. And he told us about us, the First Battalion, Mobile Armored Corps

He’s not a man to mince his words, and he ended it like this…

“A man must know his destiny. If he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder. If he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, and if he has the guts, he will take it.”

“Well, I’ve tapped you all on the shoulder, and now I’m pointing the way. Follow me, and we’ll ensure the Mobile Armored Corps will make the Martians pay for what they’ve done!”

The cheer was deafening, and didn’t stop for some time.

I have a feeling we’ll be making some history.