The sirens wailed around the camp as the Martians came into sight, looming large on the horizon. Too many to accurately count, but there were a lot. Of course, we knew why they were coming. Standing firm in the middle of our forward camp stood the Ironclad. She had arrived late last evening, in preparation […]

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Race to the Ironclad

With the Mobile Armored Corps set up in a defensive position, it was only a matter of time before the Martians came back. And they did. A large force of assault and scout tripods made their way towards the LIC. This was backed up by a couple of Slavers with drones in tow, and four […]

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All Quiet on the Christmas Front

+++ INCOMING MESSAGE +++ +++ FROM: FIRST BATTALION, M.A.C. +++ +++ TO: COMMAND +++ Reports indicated that there was a downed tripod in the area – recovery of this could give us valuable information about the invaders. And close by the intel had reported on a holding area for Human captives. Obviously being kept ready […]

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