New Arrivals

Fred Wilson summed it up as the BEF came rolling into Camp Custer… “We’re gonna need a bigger camp!” The convoy that came through the gates was impressive. Guns and tanks that looked like something out of an Argosy story, including the “wheelie tanks” – giant wheels with guns! But the most impressive was the […]

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The Limeys

Rumors have been going round the camp for weeks now, and finally today we got confirmation. The Limeys are on the way! The British Expeditionary Force has been in the States for some time now. And it looks like we’re going to get a bunch of them here at Camp Custer. Talk is that their […]

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Whittenbury’s Warriors

The tanks moved slowly up the rise, their tracks digging deep into rain soaked ground. Alongside them marched the infantry. It was slow heavy going as they picked their way around the ruts left by the lumbering machines. Patterson looked up into the heavy grey sky and hoped there was nothing more left to dump […]

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Here comes Uncle Josh!

The unit’s been blooded, and we’ve lost a lot of good men along with a number of our tanks. Replacements are on the way, but although we won the day, there’s still a sense of loss in the air. Then the artillery boys did something that cheered the men. Gunnery practice was called, so the […]

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First Blood

Training’s been underway for some two weeks now, and things are looking good for Patton’s Boy’s (as we like to be called). We’re only missing the Tesla Tank, and some support tanks, but hopefully these will be with us soon. In the meantime Captain Patton’s been whipping us into shape. And it was put to […]

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