So, things are still quiet on the Martian Front, however there is a ray of light coming through the clouds. The game has been sold again. The following is from the new owner. More to come? AQMF Fans,  I know there has been some scuttlebutt about what is going on with AQMF and the sale […]

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2018… not so quiet!

And as before, real life has intruded into my passion for AQ and WotW. This year will go down as a year of change, which has meant my gaming activities remained on the back burner. but as the year approaches it’s end, so it’s time to turn the heat up… From a War of the […]

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UPDATE: 2017 was almost the year of All Quiet

(Updated March 2018 – take a look at the comments) So, the big news at this time is that the UK copyright on War of the Worlds expired on 31 December 2016. That means that the audio production of the original novel can commence, and looks like being released sometime around April/May this year. You […]

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REFERENCE: Wells in Woking

This year marks the 150th anniversary of HG Wells’ birth, and to celebrate the town of Woking, in the UK, is putting on various events. And even if you can’t attend any of the specific events, it’s good to just go there and walk through the town, seeing the sights described in the book. You […]

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JOURNAL: Welcome Uncle Josh.

The AT gun has a new paint job, to go with it’s name of Uncle Josh. But who was Uncle Josh, and how does a artillery piece end up with his name. Well, knowing the story of the gun (check out the latest entry in the JOURNAL), and listening to the following recording, it all […]

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