It’s been over two weeks since the Captain’s first parade. Since that address he has been pushing us hard with the training. It’s a mixture of lectures and exercises on the field, so that the Doughboys and the tankers can get to know each other. At times it looks like it’ll work, and then the old rivalries surface again. There’s already been one or two scuffles and several men have found themselves in trouble.

And although we have a good few tanks already here, we are still waiting for a good number to arrive, including the Captain’s personal ride.

But last week something happened that seemed to pull the boys together. Round the local area they are calling us Patton’s Boys. Some of the local troops from Detroit have tried it on in the bars once or twice when we’ve been there, but last Wednesday the Doughboys and Tankers stood side by side to defend the honor of their battalion. The Captain will be pleased with his boys!