So, this evening we played the Rally to Old Glory scenario, originally found here. You can read the details in Prima Lucem’s excellent blog, but for this try out the Humans had 1,675 points, and the Martians 2,000 points. I played the Humans, and tried to keep the units in the spirit of the game story…

2 x Mk IIc Command Tank

1 x Minelayer

1 x Clamp Tank

2 x Mk II Tank platoon

3 x Mk III Tank platoon

4 x Doughboy Squad

1 x HMG Team

2 x Rough Rider squadron

You’ll be able to work out the Martian forces from the photos (Note, we didn’t have “Old Glory” to hand for the game, so a Martian Power Node stood in for it). So, the Humans set up, then the Matians set up and it was looking quite grim for the Humans. Need the initiative boys, so don’t roll a 1 or 2… and the a 2 pops up! So the Martians laid into the left flank of the Human forces decimating it. Several tanks, including the minelayer as well as some infantry never knew what hit them and were gone in an instant. the right flank fared better, but the Humans had taken a pounding before doing anything. Now it was the Humans’ turn, and the remaining units went at it. Whilst the lef flank were more or less gone, the right flank made the most of it, and went after the Assault Tripod in the corner – A Hit! And not just that, a critical hit. The Martian went down.

So, turn two comes around and when we roll for initiative, I have a +2 for the destroyed tripod. Little good it did me, as I rolled low, and off went the Martians on the rampage again. This time the Humans were more fortunate, as the Martian dice were not so devastating. Then the Humans attacked again, and again a tripod went down on the right flank, but it was too little too late.

Turn three saw the Humans gain the initiative, but by this time the Martians had the upper hand and at the end of the turn things looked dire. The roll for turn four initiative went the Martians’ way and if you look at the last picture, you’ll see just how dire things were. At this point we closed the story of Captain Raulston, and his valiant but futile attempt to rally his troops.

Overall a fun scenario with a lot of potential, and one that we hope to play again next week. This one went the Martians way right from the word go, as they won initiative and wiped out around 25% of the Humans before they had a chance to do anything. There was a brief glimmer in turn two, and towards the end when the tripods were bunched up in the town square and an exploding tripod could have turned the game completely.

Watch out for the return of Captain Raulston next week…