More arrivals today, and what a mixed bag we got. The Captain was there as the new tanks were rolled off the train. He was very pleased to see a battery of mobile artillery, and not one but four Clamper tanks. We’ve all read about the exploits of their crews, and now we’ll see them in action. The train was also carrying some artillery – field guns and an anti tripod gun.

And at the back of the train was a larger machine, covered in tarps. This is what the Captain’s been waiting for – Lucky 12! What a noise she made as Sgt Crossley fired her up and drove her off the flatbed. The whole camp seemed to come to a standstill to watch as she made her way to join the other tanks. For some, this was the first time they had seen a Mk IV.

Along with the hardware came more Doughboys. Or so we thought. We found out afterwards that these guys were the heavy infantry complete with their tin can suits.

The only downer was the continued absence of the Rough Rider unit.

Now it’s beginning to feel like a fighting force.