Based on a scenario from “… and slowly and surely they drew their plans against us.

After the recent Martian incursion into the Mississippi Delta region, a column of reinforcements has been rushed into the difficult and sparsely populated area. The last reports from the region suggest a serious Martian attack, and the US forces in retreat. The convoy of American reinforcements raced to the front to hold the Martians at the Mississippi, but arrived far too late. The human defenders have been scattered and the few survivors pushed into the bayous.

The reinforcements from Vicksburg march down the muddy road to Mayersville, set into a narrow strip of land between two marshy rivers. The column is slowed by the muddy road, tragically bunching the line at a vulnerable moment. The commander’s worst fears are realized when, amid sounds of splashing water and breaking trees, massive tripods rise from the swamps on either side of the column.

It’s a trap!


The table is played lengthways and represents the narrow strip of land on which the road to Mayersville is built. The road runs down the middle. Surrounding it are various buildings, farmland and trees, decided by the players before deployment.


Force totals should be agreed between the players prior to the game.


The Human forces deploy first: entirely on the road, all facing one direction, and no closer to the ends of the road than 12”. Then the Martians deploy on either side of the road, up to 6” in from the edge of the table.

Once the forces have deployed, the Humans must decide which direction they will attempt to exit the table. After this announcement, the Humans get a movement phase before turn one.


The Humans must either escape or destroy as many Martians as they can before they are killed. The

Martians are trying to destroy the Humans.

Game Duration

Play continues until all Human units have either escaped or been destroyed.


Victory is decided on points. The Humans score a point for each unit that exits the table on the designated side, and a point for each Martian unit destroyed. The Martians score a point for each Human unit destroyed.