Fred Wilson summed it up as the BEF came rolling into Camp Custer…

“We’re gonna need a bigger camp!”

The convoy that came through the gates was impressive. Guns and tanks that looked like something out of an Argosy story, including the “wheelie tanks” – giant wheels with guns! But the most impressive was the ironclad. I hadn’t seen an ironclad before, but seeing this one really makes you think that we can beat the Martians.

But that wasn’t the only surprise of the day. Even before the gates were closed behind the BEF, more vehicles appeared. But this time they were a lot more familiar – good old American hardware! This was Whittenbury’s Warriors. Having taken down a good number of Martian machines in their last fight, command had decided to incorporate the remaining units into our force.

Later there was a parade, where we were introduced to our new comrades. During the ceremony the British commander, a “very nice chap” called Hornblower surprised Captain Patton when he handed over several of the tanks he had brought with him. From what I heard later, the civvy that had come with the BEF was a bit of a fan of what we’re trying to do, and just happens to have his own company making tanks!

Now, with British technology and battle veterans, it feels as though we can take on anybody!