A Martian assault tripod has come across an abandoned mining camp, and stepped on a weak point in the earth causing it to fall down a shaft. It is wedged in the hole, with just it’s cowl showing. A short time later a Human patrol finds the tripod, and sends for assistance to recover the downed machine.

It is a race against time – will the Martians arrive to rescue their fallen comrade, or will the Humans recover some valuable Martian technology?


The downed tripod is in the centre of the table. Four buildings terrain pieces and eight wooded terrain pieces are selected by and placed by the players in a mutually agreed order. Note, players may opt not to place a wooded terrain piece. Each terrain piece must be at least 4” away from any other piece, and the downed tripod.


The Human players begin with two units placed near the downed tripod. All other forces arrive per reinforcement rules (page 69) on their appropriate side of the table.


Each side is trying to recover the downed tripod. If this is not possible, the secondary objective is to stop the enemy from recovering it, by destroying the tripod or the enemy.

Game Duration

The game ends if at the end of any player’s turn the downed tripod has been carried off either player’s table edge, or if either army is broken.

If the game has not ended by the time both sides have played six turns then roll a die: on the score of 1-5 the game ends and on the score of 6-10 each side plays one more turn.

Special Rules

The downed tripod has DEFENSE 3 (whilst stuck in the shaft) and ARMOR 3.

To pull the tripod out of the shaft takes three successful assault attack rolls, either by one element over three turns or three elements in one turn. A maximum of three elements can attempt to pull the tripod out of the shaft at any one time. The elements making the attempts must be in base contact with the tripod.

For this scenario all Human tanks and Martian machines can tow the downed tripod, but they must remain in base contact whilst doing so.


If the tripod has been towed off the table at the end of the game that side wins. Otherwise, the side that is towing the tripod at the end of the game wins so long as it is within its own table half and the army is not broken.

If no side can claim victory then the result is a draw.