So, things are still quiet on the Martian Front, however there is a ray of light coming through the clouds. The game has been sold again. The following is from the new owner. More to come?

AQMF Fans, 

I know there has been some scuttlebutt about what is going on with AQMF and the sale of the game to party or parties unknown and what this means to the future of the game we all love. Well, I am here to put the rumors to rest and to answer some of the burning questions.

Q: Did Ironclad Games Sell AQMF? 

A: Yes they did, and I am the one who bought it.

Q: Who are you?

A: Tabletop Heroes Productions is a veteran owned and operated company focused on the design, development and production of games and entertainment IPs. Established by David Pearce with a team with more than a century of combined experience in the industry Tabletop Heroes Production is dedicated to allowing players to achieve their dreams of victory and glory on the tabletop.

Q: Why has there been no activity on the website and why is the store empty?

A: The last month or so we have been finalizing the deal and been working on getting things transferred over and arraigning for starting up the manufacturing of the current line. We are working on the new website and when it is complete, hopefully later this week, it will go live. Currently you can buy AQMF items at

Q: What is the future for AQMF?

A: First we are currently writing 2nd Edition.

Q: Is all you are planning is a revised rule set?

A: No, we are also working on the Imperial German Army, and new or redone models for the existing lines.

Q: Does this mean my old stuff is no good?

A: No, your existing collections are still good to go. Though we believe the new look for some of the models you will all like much better.

Q: There were…quality issues with the miniatures now will this be addressed?

A: Absolutely, this has been a major issue with us. As part of changing some of the current models we will also making sure the quality going forward will be superior to what has been seen before in the line.

Q: What other changes will be made?

A: There will be a modification of what we in house are referring to as the “Ernie Timeline.” This will open more locals to face off against the Martians, and even human vs. human fighting. 

Q: Can you give us some details about the new rules?

A: Well we are still working on the new rules and have been doing a whole lot of playtesting but there are a few things we can give you such as:

– The infantry bases will be changing


– New Barrage rules

– More uses for Order Tokens

– New Tripod, Ironclad, MK V and even MK IV damage charts

– New Assault rules…Tripods will be able to stomp on a tank who strays too close.

– New Morale rules…humans will no longer flee at the first sight of blood.

Q: When will all this AQMF goodness be available?

A: We are planning on an April Kickstarter for the release of 2nd Edition

Q: Yea, the last AQMF Kickstarter worked out so well for us…

A: We understand there were…difficulties…with the last Kickstarter. The current plan is to have everything ready and development complete when we launch the Kickstarter, so the backers will just let us know how many we must print.

David Pearce
Tabletop Heroes